Infinique Foaming & Exfoliant Cleanser Duo

Infinique Foaming & Exfoliant Cleanser Duo

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WHAT IT IS: Cleanser duo.


  • Foaming Cleanser, 5.07 oz.
  • Exfoliant Cleanser, 4.05 fl oz.


Foaming Cleanser:

Enzyme Refining Foam Cleanser is formulated with super-fruit enzymes and antioxidants to gently cleanse, purify and balance skin of all types every day. Natural fruits and citric acids brighten skin and minimize pores, while treating breakouts and correcting dark spots. Collagen-stimulating ingredients like mangosteen, known as “miracle fruit,” and kiwi extract maintain firmness, while fruit enzymes like papain deeply cleanse pores, resurface skin, and remove dead skin cells that can cause skin to appear dull and lifeless. Chamomile and aloe extract soothe, hydrate and heal skin. Vitamins and green tea extract fight free radicals and accelerate cell turnover, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles; revealing fresh youthful skin. Skin is left clear, refined and radiant.

Exfoliant Cleanser:

Micro Seed Exfoliant Cleanser is an anti-aging facial scrub formulated with organic walnut shell, pomegranate extract, glycolic acid and salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and resurface skin, while amino acids repair and renew. By removing dead skin cells and promoting new ones, with regular use, skins texture and tone is improved for a more youthful, healthy and glowing complexion.


Infinique Foaming & Exfoliant Cleanser Duo Details:

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